Friday, October 5, 2018

What we learned at Dreamforce 2018

"The 4th industrial revolution is among us. Everything and everyone is connected. We're all one trailblazer community."- Marc Benioff

Last week, our co-founders, Rene Raul and Jorge, attended Dreamforce 2018 in San Francisco for a week of learning, innovation and fun. We caught up with Rene Raul to get the scoop on all things Dreamforce.

What inspired you the most this #DF18?
“Seeing the sheer number of people in attendance-- I think Marc said a whopping 171,000 people attended this year! It’s amazing to see a company founded as a B2B has managed to become such a movement for good! The feeling and the energy from the crowd really made the events come alive.”

What was the coolest thing you learned at #DF18?
“Learning that Salesforce acquired MuleSoft, a platform that is going to change the integration cloud as we know it, making it easy to connect systems through the use of APIs.”

What was your favorite keynote or talk?
“The Zen Monks and Nuns of the Plum Village Monastery was by far my favorite keynote.” If you’re as intrigued as we were, read here.

What are you most excited about for next year?
“I’m most excited to see how MuleSoft will be integrated with the rest of the Salesforce clouds and the effect it’ll have on how we work with our clients.”

The Future is Here (Highlights + More)
Salesforce to unify the Customer Experience via Customer 360 and single ID:

  • Click-based UI for app and data management will enable admins to establish trusted connections between Salesforce apps and orgs; map and reconcile data across clouds; and create a canonical data model that provides a single representation of customer data for connected systems.
  • Reconciled 360 ID and profile across apps will give companies a complete, up-to-date, contextually relevant profile of their customers via a single ID. 
  • Pre-built packages for Service, Marketing and Commerce quickly create cross-channel customer experiences. Learn more
Salesforce and Apple team up to bring us:
  • Native Salesforce iOS apps for business including Siri shortcuts, Face ID, Business chat and more.
  • First Salesforce Mobile SDK enabling developers and businesses to build/deploy apps for iPhone and iPad on the Salesforce Lightning Platform
  • New Apple iOS App Development Trail. Full scoop here
Einstein Voice to transform the way people work allowing them to get personalized daily briefings and make conversational updates to Salesforce via the Salesforce Mobile App or smart speaker of their choice. Learn more 

Salesforce expands partnership with AWS and simplifies how customers securely share and synchronize data across the AWS and Salesforce services. Learn more