Friday, October 5, 2018

What we learned at Dreamforce 2018

"The 4th industrial revolution is among us. Everything and everyone is connected. We're all one trailblazer community."- Marc Benioff

Last week, our co-founders, Rene Raul and Jorge, attended Dreamforce 2018 in San Francisco for a week of learning, innovation and fun. We caught up with Rene Raul to get the scoop on all things Dreamforce.

What inspired you the most this #DF18?
“Seeing the sheer number of people in attendance-- I think Marc said a whopping 171,000 people attended this year! It’s amazing to see a company founded as a B2B has managed to become such a movement for good! The feeling and the energy from the crowd really made the events come alive.”

What was the coolest thing you learned at #DF18?
“Learning that Salesforce acquired MuleSoft, a platform that is going to change the integration cloud as we know it, making it easy to connect systems through the use of APIs.”

What was your favorite keynote or talk?
“The Zen Monks and Nuns of the Plum Village Monastery was by far my favorite keynote.” If you’re as intrigued as we were, read here.

What are you most excited about for next year?
“I’m most excited to see how MuleSoft will be integrated with the rest of the Salesforce clouds and the effect it’ll have on how we work with our clients.”

The Future is Here (Highlights + More)
Salesforce to unify the Customer Experience via Customer 360 and single ID:

  • Click-based UI for app and data management will enable admins to establish trusted connections between Salesforce apps and orgs; map and reconcile data across clouds; and create a canonical data model that provides a single representation of customer data for connected systems.
  • Reconciled 360 ID and profile across apps will give companies a complete, up-to-date, contextually relevant profile of their customers via a single ID. 
  • Pre-built packages for Service, Marketing and Commerce quickly create cross-channel customer experiences. Learn more
Salesforce and Apple team up to bring us:
  • Native Salesforce iOS apps for business including Siri shortcuts, Face ID, Business chat and more.
  • First Salesforce Mobile SDK enabling developers and businesses to build/deploy apps for iPhone and iPad on the Salesforce Lightning Platform
  • New Apple iOS App Development Trail. Full scoop here
Einstein Voice to transform the way people work allowing them to get personalized daily briefings and make conversational updates to Salesforce via the Salesforce Mobile App or smart speaker of their choice. Learn more 

Salesforce expands partnership with AWS and simplifies how customers securely share and synchronize data across the AWS and Salesforce services. Learn more

Friday, September 21, 2018

Join us at Dreamforce!

Our co-founders, Jorge & Rene, can’t wait to meet you and fill you in on the latest and greatest at SkyPlanner, what our future holds and our latest venture into Latin America. They’ll be doing a series of meet & greets with Salesforce folks, partners and customers and would love to connect with you. So if you’re going to Dreamforce, make sure to drop them a note at

Before the madness begins, we caught up with Jorge and Rene to find out what they are most looking forward to. Here’s what they had to say:
  • If you had to choose you top speakers, who would they be? “Oof, that’s so hard. The entire lineup is fantastic and we’d like to see everyone, but if we really have to choose, I’d say Al Gore and Sylvia Earle.” - Rene Raul
  • What about the entertainment? We heard the music scene is popping. “Metallica, hands down. We grew up with their music, so it’s such a treat that we’ll get to see them in such an intimate setting.” - Jorge
  • Why do you love attending Dreamforce? 
“Definitely the people and the energy. You can feel the space buzzing with ideas and excitement-- it’s so contagious.” - Jorge

“Coming to Dreamforce, feels like coming home. Everyone is so excited to connect, collaborate and make the world a better place.” - Rene Raul

What are you most excited about?

Tell us in the comments and we’ll see you next week!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

El Primer Happy Hour Ejecutivo en Bogotá, Colombia

¡Que éxito! La semana pasada nos reunimos en Andrés DC para el primer evento de SkyPlanner y Salesforce en Bogotá. La verdad que todo fue un éxito. Entre la comida, los tragos y los lectores, aprendimos mucho sobre las herramientas de Salesforce, como mejorar nuestras operaciones y vender más. Para nosotros, fue un honor conocer a un grupo tan exitoso y tan interesado en aprender más sobre como Salesforce y SkyPlanner los podrán ayudar a alcanzar sus metas. 

Muchas gracias a nuestro panel de presentación, en especial a Edwin Chávez, Edgar Becerril, Douglas Figueiredo de Salesforce, Rene Raul Garcia y Eddy Perez de SkyPlanner, Nicolas Munoz de Avalon y Luisa Fernanda Rodríguez Morales de Alce Distributors SAS, por habernos enseñado mucho sobre cómo:
  • Vender más y tener mejor visibilidad de la productividad de ventas
  • Crear jornadas personalizadas y dar una experiencia única a los clientes
  • Comunicarnos más eficientemente con nuestros clientes
  • Crear procesos de servicio al cliente de clase mundial 

También queremos felicitar al ganador del drone. Esperamos que lo disfrute mucho. 

Gracias a todos que pudieron asistir nuestro primer evento, incluyendo: al ACL Group, Bits Americas, AC Visiontech SAS, Alphacredit, Credifamilia, DentalDoktor, E-dea Networks, Corporacion Metropolitan Club, Avalon, Cavca Seguros, CNPX, Asesorías Académicas Milton Ochoa, Panthers Machinery, Supervisa, R & B Lawyers, Macro Services Solutions, Disan, La Nuit iluminación Delta Light, Jorge Sierra, ITEspacios, Juan Rodrigo Coronel, Zientte, y Kinspan-Panelmet.

Esperamos que hayan disfrutado mucho en este primer Happy Hour ejecutivo y que los veamos en la próxima.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Salesforce in the 305!

What a night! Last week, we hosted the relaunch of the Miami Salesforce User Group and boy, was the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC-Miami) packed. It was great to see so many new faces, reconnect with old friends and hear from so many great speakers, including Erik Wagner from Salesforce, Merline Leonce from United Way of Miami-Dade, Tara Draganescu from OwnBackup, Timothy Keith from Introhive and our very own co-founder, Rene Raul Garcia.

A special thanks to Salesforce, our speakers, our co-sponsors (OwnBackUp, Introhive, CIC Miami), our new Miami, FL User Group Leader, Eddy Perez, and everyone who made it out in the pouring rain, we couldn’t have done it without you.

  • 5 Incredible speakers taught us about: 
    • Salesforce & the latest trends in health care 
    • How Salesforce helps nonprofits give back 
    • How OwnBackup can help you securely save your Salesforce data 
    • How Introhive can help you get more out of your CRM with email integrations 
    • Finally, how you can use the Lightning Platform to power up a drone! 
  •  Two lucky winners--Steve Dodd and Tara Draganescu took home some amazing prizes, including a Force 1 Drone and fan-favorite, our resident unicorn Astro plush toy! 
  •  Attendees from all over, including Royal Caribbean, United Way, University of Miami, Ryder, Sony Latin America, Acumen Solutions, Ultimate Software and more, took home a Trailblazer t-shirt and the latest Astro, Appy, Codey, Einstein and Cloudy stickers! 
Well, that’s a wrap. We had a great time co-sponsoring this event! We’ll leave you with some parting words from our new User Group Leader, Eddy: 

"It's always wonderful getting together with the Salesforce Community in Miami. Beyond seeing familiar faces and catching-up, we learn how each other is implementing and utilizing all the latest features and new tools. There's so much value in gathering regularly.

 So long Trailblazers! We'll see you at the next #305 event (coming this Fall).
 Stay tuned!