Monday, October 19, 2015

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It's SkyPlanner Parachute Monday! Find out what we at SkyPlanner, South Florida's Salesforce consulting company, have been reading, watching, listening to, and learning from during the past week. 
  • Your business is only as good as your employees. And your employees can only perform at their best when they're clear on what they're doing right or wrong. As an employer it is necessary to take time to make your employees aware of where they're excelling and where they can improve by providing the best feedback possible[via The SkyPlanner Blog
  • When trying to get your newest ‎Sales‬ rep hires some much needed experience it might seem counter-intuitive to hand them the some of the worst leads your company has. But seemingly setting them up for failure might actually be the best thing you can do for them, as you'll read in this great blog post from ‎Salesforce.‬ [ via Salesforce Blogs]
  • Is it "unfair" if it's earned? Standing out among a continuously growing field of competitors is difficult so finding ways to shine over and above those competitors should be at or near the top of every company's list of goals...but it doesn't happen by luck. You have to build your own "unfair" advantage! [ via Entrepreneur]
  • Technology has toppled many of the traditional barriers to successfully starting (and growing) a company. And no technologies can help your business achieve more than those that live on the ‪#‎cloud‬. Here's 5 reasons why your company needs to adopt cloud technology as soon as possible! [via Cloud Tweaks
  • Have you checked out spImages? It's the leading image visualization application on the Salesforce ‎AppExchange‬! But don't take our word for it. Here are some reviews of the previous version! Download spImages for you Salesforce organization today! [ via SkyPlanner on the Salesforce AppExchange]
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