Thursday, October 8, 2015

Salesforce App Cloud: empowering companies with more control over their apps.

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These days if you're a business owner the odds are that you've realized you need an app to better connect you to your customers and employees alike. Salesforce's goal is to continue making it easier for businesses to create, maintain and scale their enterprise apps. That goal has led the world's #1 CRM company to introduce the next phase of the Salesforce1 Platform: The Salesforce App Cloud.

App Cloud is your business's ultimate destination for building, running, managing, and optimizing your apps because it uses the same technologies that make Salesforce the world's premier suite of cloud-based CRM products. 
salesforce, Salesforce Admin, Salesforce consulting miami, Salesforce customization, Salesforce customization Miami, Salesforce Miami, Salesforce News, It's hard enough to create a good enterprise app but then you have the challenge of scaling it up as your needs, and the needs of your market, evolve. Because business need their apps have to continue growing at a pretty high and continuous pace lest they be left behind by competitors' apps, Salesforce created the App Cloud to manage the hardware, software, upgrades, etc. that go on behind-the-scenes so businesses can continue creating. 

The App Cloud gives businesses the ability to plunge headfirst into app development with a certain level of comfort in all phases. App Cloud customers can quickly build instantly mobile apps using point-and-click tools (or they might find an existing app that fits their needs in the Salesforce AppExchange). Developers are given new tools - open-source programming languages, build packs, add-ons and microservices - so they can focus on coding instead of worrying about things like databases, scalability and deployments. 

The four pillars of the App Cloud are: 

Salesforce App Cloud Salesforce pioneered the enterprise Platform as a Service market when it launched the Force platform in 2008. And today, Salesforce is the leading enterprise PaaS. The new App Cloud extends that leadership. CIOs are now empowered to build, scale and deploy mobile, web and wearable apps in a unified environment with new platform services including: 
Heroku Enterprise Heroku Enterprise enables developers to create connected apps using network, data and identity services shared across the App Cloud. With Private Spaces apps run on dedicated private space with direct access to customers' legacy data while Regions allows companies to run their apps in metro areas throughout the world based. Identity connects Heroku Enterprise to Force with data sync, single sign-on and robust access controls.
Salesforce Lightning Salesforce Lightning is a metadata-driven platform service that is highly customizable, and allows anyone to build user experiences by simply dragging and dropping components. And developers have a how-to guide and code for building beautiful apps thanks to the Salesforce Lightning Design System.
Trailhead The new interactive learning environment from Salesforce. incorporates gamification techniques as a way to guide app creators, from developers and business admins to end-users, marketers and data analysts, through the basic building blocks of App Cloud’s services. Over 40,000 developers have used Trailhead in some way, earning more 150,000 along the way. 
Users can build better customer experiences, build better mobile apps, create automated business processes that streamline productivity, and use powerful API's to connect and integrate multiple system. 

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