Friday, September 18, 2015

SalesforceIQ for Small Business gives SMBs a smarter, easier way to supercharge sales!

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***Update 2/2/2020: Salesforce is retiring SalesforceIQ and and will be focusing on small business success through its Essentials program. To learn more, visit the Essentials page here, building on technology originally created by recent acquired company RelateIQ, has developed SalesforceIQ to help small businesses apply "relationship intelligence" to their everyday business practices. 

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Salesforce IQ is actually two tools: Salesforce IQ for Small Business and Salesforce IQ for Sales Cloud. Salesforce IQ for Small Business lets small businesses sell smarter by giving them ability to use resources more effectively while freeing up the most important resource: time. It pushes data from other tools like calendars, email and marketing automation software into the small business's existing CRM software.

SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud and its accompanying tools (including a Google Chrome extenstion) facilitate the exchange of information between a company's CRM and data found in sales reps' email inboxes.

Some SalesforceIQ for Small Business features, as laid out in the Salesforce press release: 
Spend More Time Selling: SalesforceIQ for Small Business delivers real-time visibility into relationships without requiring users to waste time manually logging information. Data from email, calendar, marketing automation and other sources is automatically captured, and out-of-the-box reports provide instant insights that accelerate the sales process.
Sell Smarter: Suggested Tasks recommend specific actions to sales reps to help ensure they never drop the ball, such as getting back to a prospect who has an unanswered question. With Closest Connections, professionals can rapidly identify the person in their company or in their existing network who can provide the best introduction to a target contact or company. And with Intelligence Fields, SalesforceIQ for Small Business helps users prioritize and focus on the most important opportunities in their pipelines.
Start Selling In Minutes: With no up-front setup costs and easy onboarding, companies can start selling smarter within minutes of beginning a free trial.
And some SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud features, from the same press release: 
Sell Directly from the Inbox: With SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud, every email is enriched with all the relevant Sales Cloud data. Now reps have the right context at the right time, without having to switch screens or apps. In addition, reps can use SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud to seamlessly update the status or the potential value of a deal right from their inbox, the moment it happens. 
Sell Smarter and Save Time: An intelligent feed helps reps stay on top of every deal with Suggested Tasks and Read Receipts. Additionally, Shortcuts allow customers to quickly insert commonly used phrases to reduce time spent composing emails. And, Dynamic Scheduling eliminates the back-and-forth of finding times to meet.
Work Seamlessly with the Salesforce1 Mobile App: SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud connects with Salesforce1 so reps can instantly drill into an opportunity or account, gathering any additional details they need, all from their mobile device. 

“Today’s massive influx in communication data creates powerful signals about the health and potential of business relationships. It also creates a lot of noise,” said Steve Loughlin, CEO of SalesforceIQ, Salesforce, “with SalesforceIQ, companies can now make sense of this data and pull out insights to drive their businesses forward with intelligence.”
salesforce, Salesforce Admin, Salesforce consulting miami, Salesforce customization, Salesforce customization Miami, Salesforce Miami, Salesforce News, Paul Cheesbrough, CTO of News Corp had this to say: “SalesforceIQ is driving success across our organization...Whether it is SalesforceIQ for Small Business at Storyful, our social news agency, or SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud at The New York Post, teams across our company are working smarter and delivering more value for our customers.”

SalesforceIQ for Small Business is available in the U.S., Canada and Australia. Pricing starts at $25. 

SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud is currently only available as a free beta for existing Salesforce users with general availability expected in early 2016. Pricing will be made available at that time, as well. 

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