Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: Revolutionizing the Financial sector

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Modern investors aren't content with just giving their hard-earned money to advisors, brokers or anyone else to handle their investments with only minor input. They want up-to-date, accurate portraits of their finances, which puts pressure professionals. That's where Salesforce's new Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a godsend.

Per Salesforce's recent press release: "The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, the company’s first industry-specific product, Salesforce is empowering advisors to build deeper, 1-to-1 client relationships, be more productive, and engage more holistically with clients anywhere and on any device. Leveraging the new Salesforce Lightning Experience, an entirely new user experience that also launched today, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is modern, intuitive and intelligent, bringing new levels of efficiency to advisors."

Features of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: 
Client Profile allows advisors to see all of their clients’ information in one place, with instant access to tear-sheets, financial accounts and goals. 
The Client Profile’s Relationship component gives advisors a way to build a view of an investor's entire family, from immediate family to extended family. 
Advisor Today improves productivity by automating administrative tasks and giving advisors more time to focus on other aspects of their business. 
The Cloud Assistant aggregates data into to-do lists with alerts for leads and tasks, giving advisors more control over operations. 
 Private Client Communities takes advisor/client collaboration to the next level as well providing a way for easy access to third-party advice. They allow These communities also allow advisors to keep their clients abreast of any and all developments in their accounts; eliminating the need for long face-to-face meetings.
Simon Mulcahy, SVP and GM of Financial Services at Salesforce, had this to say, "Today’s investors want a much different relationship with their advisors than their parents had...they want someone who understands them and engages them on their terms. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud sets advisors free from administrative tasks and gives them the modern tools they need to supercharge their relationships.”

And according to Michael Spellacy, Principal, Global Wealth Leader at PwC, "We are excited about the release of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and what it means to the wealth management industry...We believe this product can fundamentally change the way wealth managers engage with their clients by providing a complete customer eco-system perspective. It transforms the experience of the wealth manager and gives them a more integrated perspective on their client interactions.”

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is slated for general availability beginning in February of next year, at which time pricing details will also be made available.