Thursday, September 24, 2015

Disruptive Selling: Reaping the benefits of challenging your customers' status quo.

How wonderful would it be if we lived in a world where every customer does his or her own leg work, and all you would have to do as a salesperson is send them an invoice and collect their money. While those might sound like the ideal customer it's actually not. That type of customer is usually only concerned with price and if you won't , or can't, give them the price they want they'll buy from a competitor who will.

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Instead some of the best customers tend to be those comfortable with the status quo. They're happy where they are and they don't see a need to change. And while that might seem counter intuitive on the outside it can be where disruptive salesperson can really cash in. That's because content customers are ripe for change they don't even know they need or want...yet. Challenging and overcoming the status quo is the key to winning new customers and extending existing customer relationships.

Now, be aware that being a disruptive salesperson isn't about cold-calling and telling customers they need change. It's about working to change the perception of what a potential customer actually needs as a business. It is about building confidence in your customers by presenting them with how your products and services will improve their own business in ways that they would have never thought of or expected.

On top of winning new customers there's an added benefit of proactively disrupting customers' status quo. You get a leg up on your competition. While rival salespeople are sitting at their desks waiting for a lead you'll be closing the deal on a business solution your customer didn't even know they needed.

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