Thursday, June 11, 2015

The best tools to motivate your employees might not be what you think.

Here at SkyPlanner, South Florida's Salesforce consulting company, we believe it’s essential to keep a high level of motivation at all times because not only is it what our clients need and expect from us, but it’s also what we expect from ourselves. As with everything, SkyPlanner is always on the lookout for way to get better and so we researched the science behind motivation and found some very interesting insights.
It seems that traditional, tangible methods of motivation that many associate with business- bonuses, praise, recognition, awards, etc. - are not necessarily the best motivators in the workplace. Things like freedom and purpose can play a huge factor in motivation. In one workplace example where in freedom is a key motivator, an Australian software company allows its developers one day per quarter to work on anything they wish regardless of their assigned projects. That one day of freedom has led to employees taking the initiative to devise innovative fixes to existing software problems as well as whole new products. An example of purpose as motivator is Wikipedia. One of the most visited sites on the web, Wikipedia is the result of countless hours of work by content creators and editors, many of whom hold other full-time jobs, with the sole motivation being part of a movement to provide a place for free information to the world. 

Miami Salesforce, Miami Salesforce consultant, Miami Salesforce consultants, Miami Salesforce consulting, Salesforce News, South Florida Salesforce, South Florida Salesforce consulting, But how do you find out what motivates you or, if you’re a manager, what motivates your employees. Jennifer Dulski, President and COO of, devised a novel approach to solving that dilemma when she faced it. She calls it “The Motivational Pie Chart”. It’s a three step process that includes writing down everything that motivates you; assigning percentages depending on how important each factor is to your motivation; and then assigning green, yellow, or red to each motivator depending on how you feel your job is fulfilling it. If the pie chart is for personal use, it is a great way to look inward to find ways to improve your job experience and get as much fulfilment as possible. As a manager it is a great way to open a dialogue with your employees and get the most out of them while making them feel good about doing so.

Whichever method of motivation you or your company chooses it is essential to remember that everyone is not the same…but at the same time everyone is similar. Everyone needs motivation of some kind to perform at his or her best. The key is finding out what that motivation is and nurturing it.

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