Thursday, June 4, 2015

5 ways your enterprise can maximize the effectiveness of Salesforce dashboards.

What good is limitless amounts of data if there's no easy way to present it in a way you can actually use? That's why dashboards are such an integral part of the Salesforce CRM platforms SkyPlanner, South Florida's Salesforce consultants, builds for our customers. More than just eye candy; dashboards are one of the more powerful tools for the average Salesforce user. They are meant to be easy to create and customize by the same people who are going to be using them. The following five tips from Salesforce can help your organization use dashboards even more effectively.

Standardize dashboards that will be shared by different departments
While customization is an advantage it can also be a disadvantage. If there's a dashboard that two or more departments will share they should be on the same page in terms of how the data is utilized. For example sales and marketing teams should collaborate on setting up your organization's main revenue creation tracker.

Be clear on how you track leads through the purchase cycle
Clarity in how a lead moves through your company's sales cycle is extremely important because it will allow you to use dashboards to quickly discover weaknesses in the sales funnel. Setting up quantifiable stages will help you develop strategies accordingly and make adjustments more effectively.

Eliminate guess work when it comes to metrics
While dashboards do give departments certain freedoms, there's a good chance of chaos erupting if an organization doesn't set ground rules for how metrics will be tracked as an organization. Thus it is important to eliminate subjectivity. Anyone should be able to look at a department's dashboards and know exactly what they're looking at.

Make dashboards into a social affair
Thanks to Salesforce, your CRM platform is no longer just a business process tool, it's a social platform. Members of your organization can follow, comment on, or build conversations around specific metrics; encouraging them to do so will build a culture of collaboration and involvement.

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Agility in business is key. Your mobile dashboards should be able to display data as clearly on a tablet or smartphone as on a desktop or laptop. Other mobile traits they should have are social collaboration and the ability to recall recently-viewed dashboards in the event that connectivity is compromised.

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