Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Salesforce Announces Heroku Elements

Salesforce has made it easier than ever for developers to create customer-facing apps. Heroku Elements is a new marketplace designed to give developers instant access to Heroku's ecosystem of powerful app components, services and tools. Developers no longer need to search for messaging services, payment systems, app monitors, data stores and other pre-built app elements on their own.

Heroku Elements
According to a recent Salesforce Press Release, Heroku elements will include three new categories of apps built and maintained by the Heroku ecosystem. They include: 
  • Add-ons are tools and services pre-integrated into Heroku that are tailored for developing, extending, and operating apps. In the Heroku Elements marketplace, developers can search and preview add-on functionality to select which fits best with their app’s specific needs.
  • Heroku Buttons are third-party components, libraries, and pattern apps that allow users to deploy with a single click. The Heroku Elements marketplace lets developers find which Heroku Buttons are new and trending, giving users the perfect recipe to start building apps quickly.
  • Buildpacks allow users to easily customize the build process in their preferred framework, language, and community. Now, users can search the Heroku Elements marketplace to discover new Buildpacks from Heroku or choose from the hundreds built and maintained by its community.
Some comments about Heroku Elements:
“Heroku Elements represents some of the most interesting and innovative advancements happening across the developer ecosystem,” said Adam Gross, VP of Product at Heroku. “Companies of all sizes can now easily access the creativity and functionality of application components, commercial services and open source tools - all in one place, and with a single click." 
“At Brown-Forman, we’re using promotional websites built on Heroku to drive higher levels of customer engagement around brands like Southern Comfort and Jack Daniel's,” said Scott Riehl, Interactive Technology Manager, Brown-Forman. “The rich selection of Heroku Add-ons available from Heroku Elements enable our developers to focus on building sites that deliver compelling and authentic brand experiences.” 

Developers can find Heroku Elements at The Heroku Buttons and Buildpacks are free while individual providers will determine the price of their add-ons.