Thursday, April 9, 2015

Data considerations for Salesforce implementation!

Data. It's important (duh!). That's why at SkyPlanner, South Florida's Salesforce consultants, we know that if your CRM doesn't treat your data properly then it isn't worth having. The importance of getting your data habits off right, beginning with implementation, is important because even a single misstep can start a snowball effect of bad data.. Below are some Do's and Don't of data implementation we found from the good folks at Salesforce: 

Data Implemention Do's: 
  • Emphasize clean data. Develop data policies and management strategies for your new CRM implementation and stress the importance of following those policies beyond to your users. 
  • When it comes to data migration, analyze your data to figure out what's essential to your business processes. Then build your application to include only the data you really need. Don't just build an application to house everything expecting to discard excess data later. 
  • Create data maps for object relationships, field data types, and other requirements. Define points A and point B (and sometimes C through Z) of your data's interdependencies. You don't want your data to get lost thanks to a wrong turn!

    Data Implemention Do's: 
    • Don't get lazy and create unnecessary requirements (validations) if something can be accomplished by developing better processes or by training end-users on proper procedures. 
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