Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Get a single view of your customers with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Active Audiences.

Seems like every week brings a new announcement from Salesforce about a tool that will help businesses better reach and serve their customers. This week was no exception with the recent announcement of Active Audiences for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 
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Active Audiences, part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud
According to Salesforce, more than 75 of the world's top advertisers are using the Marketing Cloud. Active Audiences gives those advertisers the ability to use customer data collected from their CRMs -contact emails, usage statistics, etc. -and apply it in real-time towards social advertising, which provides exponentially greater returns than current online advertising practices like cookie-based ad placement. Thanks to Salesforce's already existing partnerships with every major social network, the cloud computing company is able to easily integrate its existing capabilties into intuitive social marketing campaigns.

Steve Irvine, Global Director of the Facebook Marketing Partner Program had this to say about Active Audience: 

“The future is people-based marketing, which is a shift from delivering advertising that reaches everyone to delivering ads to the people who are most capabilities  from Facebook Marketing Partners, like Salesforce's Active Audiences product, allow marketers to connect with their customers in new ways by optimizing Facebook ad campaigns based on anonymized customer interactions.”