Thursday, February 19, 2015

3 ways to increase your business's value to gain and retain more customers.

business optimization, CRM, CRM consulting, crm miami, crm optimization, Lead management, marketing, net neutrality, salesforce, Salesforce consulting, salesforce optimization, SkyPlanner Tips of the Trade, Marketing and sales might attract customers but value is what gains and retains them. If you can't sell the value you provide then even the most loyal of customers will eventually look elsewhere. Here are three things you can do to revamp the way your organization's present its value to customers:

1. Tailor your message to the dreams and aspirations of your customer base rather than around the product or service you provide. If your value proposition taps into customer emotions it becomes much more effective. For example, at SkyPlanner we have based our value proposition not on the fact that we analyze our customers' business processes and customize their Salesforce CRMs, but instead on the fact that a customized Salesforce CRM leads to a more successful business which, in turn, leads to a sense of accomplishment and pride for our clients. 

2. Take steps to add value to your business executions that extend beyond just your product or service. Provide ways for your customers to experience first-hand how trusting your company will improve their abilities to sell to their own customers. For example, supply your customers will free tools they can use to show their customers how their (your client's) products or services will help them achieve their goals. Goals are contagious. 

3. Continue to improve and increase your value. These days it's very easy for your competitors to figure out what you're doing to win and retain customers. And, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they'll work to copy anything that works. The key is continue improving. Much like a good athlete will anticipate and proactively work through plateaus in his or her performance so as to not allow competitors to catch up, your company must work to continuously work to improve the value they provide to customers. 

Of course, few things provide value to your business like a customized CRM adapted to your business's specific needs. As South Florida's Salesforce consulting company, we'll analyze your business and make sure your Salesforce organization is optimized to your needs. Give us a call today!