Thursday, January 15, 2015

Transparency, and how keeping your employees involved strengthens your business!

Last week SkyPlanner, South Florida's Salesforce consulting and customization company, provided our readers with a write-up of ways we've found are best for building accountability within a business, and how that accountability helps build customers' confidence in a business. If you didn't happen to catch it you can here. This week we decided to delve into another trait that can help build trust within the walls of your business: transparency. Transparency also happens to be one of SkyPlanner's core values - along with integrity, partnership, respect, accountability, innovation, and agility- but this blog post deals with transparency within your organization and how to achieve in a few simple steps. 

The steps for better transparency are: 

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  • Keep your employees up to date on everything happening with the company. Employees who feel like they are informed about where the company is headed tend to feel more motivated to work towards the common goal. Memos or emails are useful tools for accomplishing this but the most effective is to hold open-door meetings where management addresses the company as a whole and questions are taken. 
  • Give your employees avenues through which to provide feedback and concerns about their duties, the company, or fellow employees. Asking management to have an open door policy where employees can raise issues can help sooth concerns or resolves problems at an early stage. Another way to achieve this is through the use of an anonymous suggestion box or other anonymous form of feedback like surveys through a 3rd party such as Survey Monkey. An anonymous method of feedback will let give employees the confidence to bring up issues without the fear of repercussions. It goes without saying that whether a feedback is public or anonymous, management must take appropriate action to show employees that their concerns matter.  
  • Find a way for your employees to stay connected with each other. That's where a service such as Salesforce Chatter is worth its weight in gold. Chatter takes the idea of social networks and applies it to business, and provides management and employees the ability to connect in real time.