Thursday, January 22, 2015

Many things change over time but the meaning of the "R" in "CRM" is not one of them.

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This young century as seen a greater leap in technological advancements than basically all of history before it, yet there are some things that new technology will just not change. One of those is the meaning of "relationship" in Customer Relationship Management software. While CRMs have changed over the past decade or so, greatly in part to the's revolutionizing of cloud computing, the role of a CRM have changed little. A company's CRM is still all about helping users bolster how they interact with customers. It is a place where information, from however many sources, is aggregated and where that information can be readily accessed whenever needed. 

One area where technology has helped is in how CRM connect people within a company. While in the past departments may have been segregated with little to no communication between them, these days CRMs are able to connect everyone within a company. This in itself greatly improves how companies operate and statistics have shown incredible growth in sales, customer satisfaction, and marketing ROI (return on investment) thanks to this development. 

A CRM is also what keeps business and its processes grounded even as technology evolves at a lightning pace. Data is being collected from many different points as we speak. Not only is social media continually growing, and companies are expected to stay on top of trends, but the Internet of Things is getting bigger and bigger (we've previously written about how experts estimate that the IoT will grow to between 20 and 50 billion connected devices with the next 10 to 15 years). A solid CRM foundation allows companies to leverage these new technologies easily without a complete overhaul to their system. 

So if you're still hesitant as to whether a CRM will help your business grow then stop. You can't waste another second. Contact SkyPlanner, South Florida's Salesforce consulting and customization partner, and get your business on the right track!