Thursday, December 11, 2014

Don't follow these 5 sales suggestions if you're looking to completely ruin a relationship with a customer.

business optimization, CRM, CRM consulting, crm miami, crm optimization, Lead management, marketing, net neutrality, salesforce, Salesforce consulting, salesforce optimization, SkyPlanner Tips of the Trade, At SkyPlanner, South Florida's premier Salesforce consulting and customization company, there is nothing more important than the trust our customers place in us.  And that trust begins when we first approach, or are approached, by a potential customer because we know the early stages of a relationship between a company and a customer are very fragile, and a relationship can easily be shattered.

According to Salesforce, these are 5 things the modern salesperson does that can absolutely destroy a burgeoning customer relationship: 
  1. Ignoring a customer's actual requirements in favor of forcing an existing solution onto the customer. Every customer's wants and needs are different so naturally what works for one will not work for another. For example, while Salesforce provides the best CRM platform around, customers still need it molded to their own needs through customization and 3rd-party integration. If SkyPlanner tried to just sell generic modifications to every customer then, well, we wouldn't be the best Salesforce consultants in Miami. 
  2. Assuming a customer is completely in the dark about a company, product, or service. We're in the age of the internet. You can rest assured your customer will try to learn as much as there is to know about who they might be giving their money to. And if even if the customer doesn't do their own research it's best to act like they will. 
  3. Presenting customers with materials that are just about your product and that's it. Effective content covers the bigger picture and shows customers where a partnership with your business will take their business. Don't show how X product does X thing. Show them how X product will take their business from point A to B to Z. 
  4. Trying to sell to one person with one job title. This might work if your potential customer is a small business or start-up, but the bigger the deal the more people you'll have to deal with to get it done. 
  5. Having no clue about what your customer needs. This isn't to say that you have to know the inner workings of a company beforehand but its about learning as much as you can as well as applying prior knowledge to a future customer (without violating rule one, of course). It shows you care and that goes a long way.
Building credibility and trust with customers is essential for building long lasting relationships with your customers. At SkyPlanner we pride ourselves on building strong foundations with our existing customers, which in turn allows others to feel much more comfortable with entrusting us to help grow their businesses. Do you agree with the 5 credibility-killers listed above? Leave a comment and we'll start a discussion! 

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