Thursday, October 2, 2014

So much to do and so much time to do it in: A SkyPlanner refresher of all the things Salesforce developers and Salesforce admins can expect at Dreamforce '14!

Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2014, salesforce, Salesforce Admin, Salesforce consulting miami, Salesforce customization, Salesforce customization Miami, Salesforce Miami, Salesforce News,'s Dreamforce 2014 is less than two weeks away and SkyPlanner, South Florida's premier Salesforce consulting company, has been busy planning our trip to San Francisco. There's so much to do so a good plan is absolutely necessary. This recap of Dreamforce offerings for developers and admins should help you plan your own effective itinerary.

Everybody knows that Salesforce wouldn't be a fraction of what it has become if it weren't for the dedicated and innovative community of developers that spend countless hours customizing their customers' Salesforce organizations. That fact has led event organizers to think up and execute a bevy of activities catering to Salesforce developers. First off, developers can expect bigtime keynote like this one:

Developers will also be treated to the Developer Zone where developers first-hand glimpses of all the latest offerings from Salesforce. This year there will be more ISV involvement, more to learn about wearable tech, and an aptly named "Demo-palooza" complete with MC. Workshops will let developers get hands on training in a collaborative atmosphere. The developer workshop topics will center around codeless App Building, advanced coding with Apex and Visualforce, helping developers on other platforms become familiar with Salesforce, and expanding existing developers' knowledge of Salesforce stalwarts like, Heroku, and ExactTarget.

There will also be 250 dedicated sessions where developers can pose tough questions about anything Salesforce and get expert answers in an intimate setting.  Finally there will many opportunities for crossover with the Admin Zone. As the line between developers and admins continues to blur, Dreamforce has placed both zones adjacent to each to encourage as much overlap as possible.

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As for admins, Dreamforce will be inlude  aforementioned Admin Zone. The Admin Zone is a new addition to the already extensive Dreamforce experience. The Admin Zone is a sanctuary of tips and tricks, networking, demos, and expert Q&As. There will even be Apex workshops for those admins who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in a big bucket of code. And the Admin Zone is located right next to the Developer Zone so prepare for some serious mingling. Admins can also look forward to over 125 40-minute sessions covering analytics, declaratives, mobile, career advice, multi-org functionality, sandboxes, data, and more. Sessions will cater to everyone from the newest greenhorn to the most grizzled veteran. Use the Dreamforce Agenda Builder to plan your schedule for maximum learning. Want to know where to go to get your organization working at lightspeed? Get on down to the Success Hub, where you can find hands-on Salesforce U training. The Success Hub is also where you'll have access to the Services and Premier Support teams.

Scattered throughout the conference are Circles of Success  where 6 to 8 other admins and a Salesforce product expert prepare for a wild ride as your new group of best friends navigates through specific Salesforce themes of your choosing. The themes covered include data, adoption, metrics, innovation, and the Marketing Cloud.

While these are most of the goodies geared towards Salesforce devs and admins there is so much more both groups can expect at this year's Dreamforce. Members of the SkyPlanner team are booked and ready to be a part of the world's greatest cloud computing Are you?