Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Salesforce catches the next big Wave (pun intended) in enterprise analytics with the Salesforce Analytics Cloud!.

The SkyPlanner team is currently in San Francisco for the 2014 edition of's Dreamforce conference and believe us, it sure started off with a bang...or should we say a rush...of water. Get it? No? Ok, ok. Maybe comedy isn't our strong suit but keeping tabs on everything to do with the world's #1 CRM sure is. The biggest news so far has been the announcement of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

It all started with this tweet from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff:

In his presentation of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud during yesteday's product keynote, Benioff had this to say:
“Did you know 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years? There’s going to be 10 times more mobile data by 2020, 19 times more unstructured data, and 50 times more product data by 2020...Our vision is to build the platform that allows you to connect. We know that if you engage deeply, interact, remember those customers, and create 1-to-1 relationships with them, you will have incredible success.”
The features of the Analytics Cloud, as listed on the Salesforce website,  are as follows:

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Source: Venture Beat
For all business users: 
Self Service
Reward your curiosity with fast, responsive answers. Built around the way you ask questions, not around the limits of legacy technology. Easy, beautiful, and interactive.
Instant Access to Any Data
Now you can easily mash-up different datasets and build beautiful dashboards that let the data tell a story.
Your data finally works with you, not against you. No more waiting for IT to build datamarts, install and optimize software and hardware before you can ask a single question.
For mobile users: 
Easy to Explore
Measure. Group. Filter. View. Share. Five actions let you unlock limitless insight. The only platform that lets you easily navigate every data set right from your phone.
Share on The Go
Get answers, share findings — no desktop required. Have a conversation around data. Answer any question with everyone on your team and present your findings from your phone.
Mobile First
Designed for mobile and rapid visualization across every device. Build any analytic app mobile first for any business need. Through a rich, responsive analytic platform you can customize, connect, and deploy everywhere, instantly.
And as for the platform itself:  
Native Salesforce Integration
Securely deliver any data, from any source via a 100% native Salesforce cloud service. Up and running instantly; managed simply.
Cloud Deployment
Deploy Salesforce Analytics faster than ever. No more hardware hiccups and untimely software updates. Analytics Cloud is reliable, convenient and deploys five times faster than the competition.
Powerful Governance and Trust.
Your company’s data is secure. Powerful field level security and role based hierarchy controls that guarantee the right people have the right answers – always.

You can watch the Salesforce Analytics demo video here (we would've embedded it but it's not a public video and we don't want to upset anyone). And after you're done watching we recommend downloading the application from iTunes and give it a whirl. We have, and it's a beautiful and fun experience just playing around with the Analytics Cloud.

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