Thursday, October 9, 2014

Another day, another accolade for Salesforce: the #1 name in cloud computing is also one of the best tech companies to work for., the world's #1 CRM software company, has received yet another accolade. And it's one of the type that makes us at SkyPlanner, South Florida's premier Salesforce consulting company, proud to be associated with Salesforce. Salesforce has been named one of Great Rated's People's Picks: 20 Great Workplaces in Technology.

Salesforce earned a spot on the list as a result of over 1,000 anonymous employee responses to a Trust Index Survey, which is Great Place to Work's proprietary method for assessing how great a place actually is to work. The survey aims to find which companies give employees the best tools for personal success, such as  company culture and atmospher, professional training, and employee benefits. Below is a breakdown of how the employees surveyed responded:

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Source: Great Rated! 
Among some of the perks that employees listed were paid volunteer hours, rooms dedicated to bringing your dog to work, parent-to-be programs, competitive salaries and raises, discounts on company stock, and reimbursement for money spent on staying healthy. 

Some employee quotes taken from the Great Rated! profile: 

"The company has come up with really unique ways to engage and recognize employees. I have gone to concerts, sporting events and executive lunches as a form of recognition for my hard work. The company also is amazing at celebrating its success by giving back to the community. Our 15th birthday this year is a perfect example. We donated over 15,000 pounds of food to the San Francisco food bank." 
"This is the first company I've worked for that acknowledges where it has room for improvement in its hiring practices and actually acts upon its promises. We had a town hall and the COO was open about needing more women and minorities, even going as far as promising one female candidate for every VP spot. If an employee wants more responsibility to further their role, you only need to ask and follow through." 
"This is by far the best work environment I've worked in. We get free breakfast Monday to Thursday and lunch catered on Mondays as well. We have walking treadmill desks that help me be productive while feeling active and they have tons of relaxing places to work from within the building that are not your boring old desk." 
"Living a healthy lifestyle is encouraged and supported. Monthly stipends, fresh fruit and healthy snacks are all great ways to provide employees the options to live healthier lives." 
"They genuinely care for employees, they have events that the employee would have fun at, not just events that the company does to look better. They take any opportunity to make you feel good about working here. You just feel like you belong from day one."

And isn't just one of the top tech companies to work for. Fortune magazine also ranked Salesforce as the number 7 in its 2014 list of the 100 best companies to work for (regardless of industry). 

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