Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Industry "disruption" will be on full-display at Dreamforce '14.

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While it might sound like a catastrophic idea, industry disruption is actually a good thing. At least for customers, that is. Also known as distruptive innovation the idea is simple. It's the advent of an innovation so game-changing it causes a huge shift in how business is conducted within a specific industry. And it happens everyday. Examples include the telephone turning communication on its head and the smartphone doing the same to personal computing.

Salesforce has been a leader in industry disruption since its inception and makes it a primary focus at Dreamforce. The 2014 edition of Dreamforce will feature an Industries Zone whose focus will be on six major industries, and how Salesforce can revolutionize existing business practices within them. Below is just a taste of how each industry's needs will be addressed at Dreamforce:
Financial Services/Insurance. Repairing the relationships between banks and their customers through social media in order to increase deposits.
Health Care/Life Sciences. The ability to lower costs by taking preventive care to people instead of waiting for them to arrive in dire need at an emergency room. 
Retail/CPG. Assisting brick and mortar stores leverage new technologies to combat the onslaught of online shopping. 
Communications/media. Improve response time for service which has always been a major complaint about the industry.  
Automotive/Manufacturing. Expanding on existing efforts to make cars the next wave of mobile platform. 
Government. Using private business products like Salesforce to shrink bloated and inefficient government projects more stream-lined and infinitely more cost-effective. 
Dreamforce attendees will also be able to learn from actual industry experts, and Salesforce industry leaders will showcase solutions to many pressing challenges modern businesses face. Finally, the Industries Zone at Dreamforce will be littered with actual customers who are actively using Salesforce to create solutions for their enterprises. The exchange of ideas will be non-stop and new products can be tested on a variety of platforms right on the exhibition floor.

The SkyPlanner team is excitedly counting down the days until we board our plane to San Francisco. We are looking forward to learning as much as we can to help our customers in Miami and South Florida get the most out of their Salesforce platform.

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