Thursday, July 3, 2014

When it comes to helping your customers, self-service may be the best form of service.

For all the good that technological advancements have given the world one of the possibly detrimental effects, at least from a customer service view, has to be the expectation for 24/7 satisfaction. With 24/7 news and entertainment, among others, it's understandable that people would become (for lack of a better term) spoiled when it comes to getting customer service immediately.

While it's always been a necessity for businesses like credit card companies to offer 24-hour customer service it has become imperative that all businesses big and small now provide some sort of the same. And that's where self-service options can become the most effective tools, and the best part is many require little effort on behalf of the customer which is very important in keeping their experiences stress-free.

According to, the world's #1 CRM platform, a good way of handling "customer self-service" is to develop customer communities. Successful customer communities can be accessed from anywhere through any kind of device, feature forums where questions can be answered by experts and fellow customers alike, and allow for unanswered queries to be funneled to company service reps who can directly assist customers.

There's also a financial benefit for companies that invest in customer communities: decreased costs due to the need for fewer service reps, increased customer satisfaction due to simplicity in finding quick solutions to problems, increased evangelist involvement with regular customers, and the ability for reps to concentrate their efforts on assisting customers with bigger problems.

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