Thursday, June 19, 2014

Salesforce1: Just what a growing business needs.

A meteoric rise in the bottom line might bring joy to the heart of a business owner, but it also brings about the challenge of managing the rapid growth that usually accompanies that rise. Having the right technology in place to manage growth is crucial to avoid getting swept up in a tidal wave of change, and that's where the Salesforce1 is a lifesaver for three big reasons:

Simplicity. The app is easy-to-use so training new employees is quick and painless, which eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming hands-on training. This proves especially effective when the growth means going international.

Integration. Giving businesses mobile access to their CRM and marketing data, along with compatibility across a broad spectrum of "smart" devices, makes the turnaround time needed to close deals or deal with emergencies is dramatically reduced .

Collaboration. Salesforce1 is not just for salespeople. All departments within a company can use the app to stay connected with each other, provide support when needed, and provide clients with 360 degree solutions wherever and whenever.

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