Wednesday, April 9, 2014 gets an industry-specific focus with the New Industries Business Unit

With the creation of a New Industries Business Unit, leadership has decided to shift some of the company's focus from being the world's number one CRM platform for the general masses to a much more acute focus on serving six major vertical markets.
The shift in focus is just another step in the company's ongoing plans to tackle the Internet of Things, and the opportunities a globally-connected world provides.

The strategic move was summed up by EVP of Industries, Vivek Kundra,: “Entire industries are seeing the power of social, mobile and connected cloud technologies up-end decades-long business models. This is no small disruption; it’s a complete re-imagination of industries. We’ve only just begun to see the transformational power of the Salesforce1 Platform and the innovative, scalable industry solutions that we are delivering with our ecosystem of partners.” president and vice-chairman Keith Block weighed in: “As we look to grow to $10 billion and beyond, our new industries strategy is a huge opportunity for to expand our footprint within existing customers and reach new enterprise customers. Companies across all industries are turning to to help them transform their business models and connect with their customers in new ways.”

Building upon the Salesforce 1 Platform, the New Industries Business Unit's main goal will be to greatly improve customer engagement within the six vertical markets, with a emphasis on the unique customer needs of each industry

The six industries include:
  • Financial Services and Insurance: In a time when public trust in large financial institutions is at all-time lows, Salesforce aims to help these institutions regain the trust of their customers. 
  • Health Care and Life Sciences: Salesforce's goal is to help companies use patient data to improve customer experiences while keeping costs down. 
  • Retail and Consumer Products: Salesforce believes that if a brand can build a unique rapport with customers then they have a customer for life. That means increasing loyalty through increased customer engagement.  
  • Communications and Media: Using real-time data to craft messages is crucial to the communications industry in today's 24-hour media cycle. Salesforce can help media companies collect that data and put in the hands of the right people, in the right way, and at the right time. 
  • Public Sector (Government): Government is sometime the slowest industry to adopt newer technologies. Salesforce plans to help the public sector accelerate that adoption and catch up to the private sector. 
  • Automotive and Manufacturing:  The steep fall of the manufacturing industry could attributed as much to a disconnect with customers than anything else. Salesforce technologies will allow companies to use customer feedback to improve every step of the manufacturing process, from design to sales. 
What does this mean to you, our current and potential customers? Aside from the same personal, transparent relationship and excellent customer service you've come to expect, SkyPlanner will now be able to provide even better customized end-products because we will be able to focus better on customers' specific industries. We are very excited for this new phase in the evolution of Salesforce as a company, and can't wait to see what opportunities, and challenges, it will open for us and our customers.