Thursday, April 24, 2014

Salesforce 1 Developer Week: A Global Meeting of the Minds.

It's an exciting and opportune time to be a member of Salesforce Developer community. With the unveiling of the Salesforce 1 Platform at Dreamforce '13 (read our in-depth write up of the Salesforce 1 Platform here) Salesforce developers are better equipped than any other to usher in the Internet of Things.

To take advantage of a global community that has exploded to 1.5 million, more than double what it was in mid-2012, presents Salesforce 1 Developer Week, a series of meetups throughout the world starting April 27th. Each meetup will feature in-depth lectures focused on getting the most out of the Salesforce 1 Platform, developer challenges, and networking opportunities. Most meetups will also feature special presentations by developer evangelists.

Developer Week will also feature the launch of the new Salesforce Developers website, which will replace the Developer Force site. The new site will cater to developers and their work in, Heroku, and ExactTarget. The new site will also give developers the chance to browse content, actively participate in the Salesforce developer community, and follow events to attend.