Thursday, April 3, 2014

Announcing spExams: your enterprise's solution for every testing need.

In our Success Spotlight series SkyPlanner showcases the excellent work that has made us the best choice for Salesforce CRM consulting, customization, and training in South Florida. We'll highlight our most successful projects from the past few years as well as new releases from our development team. This installment of the SkyPlanner Success Spotlight focuses on our newest AppExchange release, spExams.

SkyPlanner is proud to announce the roll-out of spExams on the Salesforce AppExchange,'s marketplace where end-users can browse and download third-party applications to enhance the already extensive capabilities of the Salesforce platform.

spExams is your company’s one-stop shop for all of its testing needs. Whether you’re providing training for your existing employees, gauging the knowledge of job applicants, or anything in between, SkyPlanner created spExams so you can reach your testing goals effortlessly.
It is now possible to conduct all of your business’s testing requirements without ever having to leave your Salesforce organization. Everything can be done from start to finish within the spExams application.
  • Easy-to-use interface allows customization according to company branding with use of logos, color schemes, etc.
  • Multiple methods of creating exams includes randomly generating tests using a previously-created question bank, or entering new questions manually. 
  • Questions can be constructed in anyway user wishes: multiple-choice, fill-in, matching, etc. 
  • Easily nclude images to give your exams a visual component. 
  • Built-in timer can be set for timed exams. 
  • Test recipients can be pulled from existing contacts lists and  notified by email with a direct link to the exam.

Exam creation is simple and intuitive, and can be customized using your enterprise's unique branding standards.

We provided no less than three methods for adding questions to an exam: you can create new questions manually, or exams can be generated from a question bank by hand or randomly..

You can compile a list of recipients from your existing list of contacts and leads found within your Salesforce organization and send notifications directly to their inboxes.  

An easy-to-use interface means no wasted time before beginning an exam. 

Choose from a number of standard question types- multiple-choice, fill-in, matching, etc.- and between timed or untimed exams.

Adding images to questions is simple and adds an extra dynamic to your exams.

If you have any questions regarding spExams or any of our other applications, or you would like to learn more about us and our services, feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at 305-814-7597.