Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SkyPlanner is now a Silver Cloud Alliance Partner!

 At SkyPlanner we never stop working to become the very best choice for South Florida businesses looking to implement or enhance the world's #1 CRM platform, Salesforce. We are proud to announce that we further solidified our position as South Florida's premier Salesforce consulting and customization company when SkyPlanner was elevated to the level of Silver Partner in the Salesforce Cloud Alliance program. There are over 670 Cloud Alliance registered partners in the program but only 87 are able to call themselves a Silver Partner. To become a Silver Partner a Salesforce partner company has to meet certain criteria set by Salesforce.
Among those criteria is having a minimum number of certified Salesforce developers . SkyPlanner can proudly boast the largest team of certified developers in South Florida with 13, and that number looks to only grow in the coming months. Another criteria is customer satisfaction. Due to our tireless commitment to building long-lasting relationships with customers that extend beyond simply completing projects, SkyPlanner currently holds a perfect 10.0 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating on the Salesforce AppExchange.

What is the Cloud Alliance Partner Program?

Per Cloud Alliance Partner Program was created specifically to help our partners meet today’s requirements for success. It offers a mix of resources and benefits designed to drive specialized capabilities, unprecedented collaboration, and profitable business growth. It also helps companies of all sizes and focus areas—strategic business consulting, software implementation and integration, training, and custom application development services—capitalize on the explosive growth of cloud computing.   

What does being a Silver Cloud Alliance Partner mean for SkyPlanner?

Rene Garcia
“Reaching the Silver Alliance Partner status is a major achievement for a couple of reasons. As a member of the South Florida community it means we are growing as a company, and providing better and better results for our customers in the region,” said SkyPlanner co-founder Rene Garcia. “ It is also recognition of SkyPlanner’s growing reputation for excellence within the Salesforce community.”

Jorge Fernandez
“We are continuing to build an experienced, talented, and hard-working team of certified developers, business analysts, and system architects at SkyPlanner; and our roster of customers is rapidly growing,” added SkyPlanner co-founder Jorge Fernandez. “This is only a first step in getting to where we all want SkyPlanner to be and that's being a Platinum Partner.”

Rene Rodriguez
SkyPlanner co-founder Rene Rodriguez added: “The future is bright at SkyPlanner. Being able to put Silver Partner next to the SkyPlanner name is another way we can show customers that their own future is brightest when they put their trust in SkyPlanner.”