Thursday, February 6, 2014

Running for a cause: SkyPlanner takes on the Miami Marathon as part of Debbie's Dream Team.

Accomplishing anything for yourself is always a great feeling...but accomplishing something in the name of something greater than yourself is always a feeling beyond words. On February 2nd various members of the SkyPlanner team took on the Miami Marathon and 1/2 Marathon in support of the Debbie's Dream Foundation. For the second straight year, SkyPlanner was also a sponsor of the entire Debbie's Dream Team group of runners and its goal of raising awareness of the fight to cure stomach cancer. And Much like we do when completing projects for our clients, every runner put his all into overcoming the long miles of his respective race to finish strong. We can't wait to test ourselves and run for a good cause again next year!

The SkyPlanner team with some members of the LifeConEx team, and Debbie Zelman herself (fourth from right), at the Debbie's Dream Team pre-marathon dinner
SkyPlanner's Daymel Marrero crosses the 1/2 Marathon finish line exhausted but excited  for his accomplishment. 

Three of the 1/2 Marathon finishers: Ernesto Rodriguez, Rene Garcia, and Daymel. Ernesto finished in 2:09:34, Rene in 2:24:17, and Daymel in 2:32:46.

The medal: a symbol of not holding back, leaving everything out on the course, and succeeding in the face of difficult circumstances. 

The 1/2 Marathon course. Scenic views and sore feet for miles and miles!

The Debbie's Dream Team runners! SkyPlanner is honored to have been a part of such a motivated group. 

The team celebrating an overall great experience (and replenishing all those lost carbs) with some well-deserved beers. Here's to doing it again in 2015!

And for a special treat, here's SkyPlanner Co-Founder and Managing Partner Rene Rodriguez crossing the finish line of Miami Marathon. 26.2 miles in 4:29:09. Quite a feat!