Monday, February 24, 2014

It's SkyPlanner Parachute Monday! Building a social community for your business, better networking, and much more!

It's SkyPlanner Parachute Monday! Find out what we at SkyPlanner, South Florida's premier Salesforce consulting company, have been reading, watching, listening to, and learning from in the past week. Click on each link to view our curated content. 

Social networks may somewhat help in building awareness of your business but they can't compare to the effectiveness of having a community that revolves solely around your own enterprise. Follow these steps to create a community around your business

Networking is so important to success in the business world. But it's also terrifying and stressful, and many times, especially when aimed towards those in positions of power, a fruitless effort. But while networking is in itself hardwork it doesn't have to be a deadend if done correctly.  

Working smart in sales is just as important, if not more, than working hard. In the business of sales that rings truer because, as the adage goes, "time is money." Luckily, Salesforce not only makes sales easier with cutting-edge technology but also through tips on how to improve your face-to-face sales tactics.  

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. That's one zettabyte and it's about how much information has been created world-wide and stored in the last two years. If you're having trouble picturing that, refer to the graphic below. It's how many 16 GB iPhones you'd need in order to equal just ONE zettabyte. That's a lot of data. And it's why Big Data, and being able to process it, is becoming so important for modern companies

The world has known about the health benefits of walking for years but little known is the ability of a long walk to potentially ease communication between people. Former HHS Secretary Louis Sullivan explains how taking walks with his employees helped him learn how to lead them better.  

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