Thursday, February 20, 2014

A pretty smile and slick words? SkyPlanner learns there's much more to the art of selling than looking good.

At SkyPlanner, the premier Salesforce consulting company and largest collection of certified Salesforce professionals in South Florida, our goal is to build the best working relationships possible with the customers we provide services for. But we have to find those customers first. That means having to put on the hat of salespeople from time to time, and we’re constantly looking at how to improve in that aspect of our business. Our research led us to learn that less than 50% of salespeople report closing on more than half of their qualified opportunities, with more than 65% of salespeople missing their sales quotas entirely. Luckily the web is a nearly unlimited source of tips on how to avoid finding ourselves on the wrong end of those percentages. And we’d like to pass what we’ve learned onto you in a series of SkyPlanner blog posts revolving around the world of sales.

Our first installment concerns how salespeople can benefit from forming good habits. The first habit is discipline. “Time is money,” and the ability to manage one’s time is of the utmost importance in a realm where you’re so dependent on others' schedules. Getting things done in a timely manner not only gives your prospective customers a reason to trust you but it also keeps you ready to adapt should an opportunity or threat arise without warning.

The second trait is the ability and desire to learn. In sales, knowledge is power. That includes knowing everything about your company and its services, as well as your potential customers and their products and services. A good salesperson must also know how to take any and all information, and use it as needed. Assessing a situation and being able to plot a course of action before acting is a trait of all great salespeople.

Last but not least (and the trait becoming more and more important as societal values evolve) is developing empathy for your customers. Knowing the tribulations your potential clients are going through and then providing a personalized solution just for them in extremely important. This can be achieved by listening instead of telling. Though a good salesperson has the qualities of a leader, he or she must also know how to serve.