Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Salesforce 1 Platform: A Key to Becoming A Truly Customer Company

From its beginnings as the first to embrace the potential of the Cloud to greatly improve the way companies both big and small conduct business, Salesforce has prided itself on being on the forefront of the rapid evolution of technology. And the present is no different. With the advent of the Internet of Things- where everything is quickly becoming mobile (and thus trackable) and customer demands to have needs and wants met immediately rising exponentially- Marc Benioff and others in the Salesforce braintrust saw the opportunity to plunge full-force into turning Salesforce, and subsequently Salesforce users, into full-fledged "customer companies."

SkyPlanner, South Florida's premier Salesforce consulting company, would like to share some insight into the Salesforce 1 platform by providing videos and infographics that explain what its all about. The first video is the initial product keynote from Dreamforce '13 where Mike Rosenbaum, Salesforce Platform EVP, Tod Nielsen, CEO of Heroku, and other main players in the development of the Salesforce 1 platform outline all the innovations of the Salesforce 1 platform.

The goal of Saleforce 1 is build upon what Salesforce calls the "ecosystem" the company has built through acquisitions as well as its huge network of secondary Salesforce Partner companies. Salesforce 1 has already seen more than a dozen independent software vendors release Salesforce 1-specific apps with over 100 more to come in the following months. The Salesforce 1 platform will seamlessly merge with the existing Salesforce stack. The Salesforce 1 platform is specificially designed to take advantage of emerging wireless technologies to build "next-generation" applications that give an ever-increasing mobile workforce full access to Salesforce capabilities from anywhere in the world. Brand new API's means mobile applications born from the Salesforce 1 platform will meld all of Salesforce's existing applications and put them at Salesforce users' fingertips.  

As the forerunner in South Florida Salesforce services, the SkyPlanner team is very excited to see what Salesforce 1 develops into and all the opportunities it will open for our current and future clients.