Monday, January 13, 2014

It's SkyPlanner Parachute Monday! Preparing your organization for 2014 AND our first ever promotional video!

It's SkyPlanner Parachute Monday! Find out what we at SkyPlanner, South Florida's premier Salesforce consulting company, have been reading, watching, listening to, and learning from in the past week. Click on each link to view our curated content. 

If you own a business then you're in the business of sales, whether you're selling trinkets to little kids or million dollars pieces of equipment to other companies. Here's how to prep your sales team for 2014

It's easier to conduct business if your potential customers/clients/partners know that YOU know what you're talking about. Here's six tips for becoming a credible expert

In addition to the above link, being a credible expert is only useful if the people you're selling to can understand what you're saying. In our case, Salesforce and all its accompanying capabilities can be quite daunting and oftentimes overwhelming for a potential client. Here are way to simplify complex solutions you're selling

Over the past few months, SkyPlanner has covered various topics concerning what we believe will become of the Cloud in the near future, but you can never get too many opinions on the subject. Here is one analyst's predictions on the future of CRM in 2014

Finally, the SkyPlanner family is proud to present our first official promo video. We're extremely proud of it and would love to hear what you think so please comment below, or post on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

At SkyPlanner, South Florida's premier Salesforce consulting company, we love to hear from ours clients and supporters so please feel free to comment with any opinions or suggestions for future content.