Thursday, December 12, 2013

SkyPlanner Success Spotlight: spImages

In our newest blog series, SkyPlanner will showcase some of the successful projects that we've completed over the last few years. The first half of the series covered some of the successful projects we've completed for clients. This next round in the series will cover the apps that we create for other Salesforce admins and developers, and are available on the Salesforce AppExchange. 

spImages is a unique image capture application that has never before been attempted on the Salesforce platform. Images allows a company’s Salesforce users to add a visual component to your company’s data and provides for a more personalized touch to an enterprise's operations.


spImages allows its users to take pictures using a webcam installed on their computer and save them to any record as attachments. spImages displays not only the pictures saved from a webcam but also any image uploaded to Salesforce and then stored as attachments in the record layout. The viewer itself can display images in two ways: a linear view and an attractive carousel view. With Chatter mobile integration you can capture and upload images in real-time wherever you are using your smartphone.


Lee Harrison - Nice App great support
Need to install with a custom object sent an email got response right away and the guys fixed my issues no charge.

Larisa Hall - Woo-Hoo!
I have been looking for something exactly like this! I am fairly computer savvy, but not when it comes to programming etc. The installation for this app was easy. I had one minor bit of confusion on uploading images, but I called the customer service number and got an immediate answer. Thank you!

Sharath Krishnaraj - Great app and good support
This app met most of our requirements, we needed it on a custom object and the team was very forthcoming in making the changes. We also learned that their next release will support this feature of touch.. That's the real deal!!. Thanks a lot folks, waiting for the next release anxiously.. :)

Alfredo Salcedo - I already see the benefits that could touch every job function within our organization
Great App, I already see the benefits that could touch every job function within our organization, such as being able to upload customer company pictures just a clear visual representation our our customer... Easy to use and great interface.

Javier Gonzalez - Excellent App, Long Overdue!
I find it very surprising that this functionality has not been implemented before for the AppExchange. Great app! Excellent functionality and UI.

Group Administrator - Great App!
We were looking for a solution to take pictures of visitors and parents to our school, and this app works great. Easy to install and does what is says. I had a few follow up questions, and the support was very cordial and fast. And its free! Thank you!