Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SkyPlanner Success Spotlight: Reduction International

In our newest blog series, SkyPlanner will showcase some of the successful projects that we've completed over the last few years. Today we highlight the work we did for Green Star Biodiesel. 

Before bringing SkyPlanner into the fold, Reduction International’s business practices funneled almost all of the company’s logistics through misapplied on-premises software, primarily Quickbooks. SkyPlanner was able to transform Reduction International’s sales structure with complete customization of the company’s recently implemented Salesforce platforms.

Reduction International suffered from a complete lack of informational control within the company and a severe disconnect between departments due to lack of a standardized sales process. There was no semblance of a lead management process, document management was ineffective, and a total lack of internal collaboration. Ineffective analytics led to an inability to effectively target potential leads within the company’s niche market.

SkyPlanner leveraged a Salesforce CRM custom app for account management, lead management, and opportunity management and the platform to quickly generate customized purchase orders and quotes. SkyPlanner also created custom solutions for email management and enhanced visuals with layouts. Finally, SkyPlanner implemented a Chatter rollout. 

Thanks to SkyPlanner, Reduction International saw increased conversion rate from leads, an inncrease in the number of won opportunities, and a decrease in time from lead generation to closing of deals. Better analytics has led to more successful pinpointing of potential clients while marketing activity has increased due to confidence within Reduction International that the company can handle more concurrent sales. Lastly, there has been an increase in overall satisfaction from sales staff due to sales being easier to track and execute. 

  • The main purpose of SkyPlanner’s work for Reduction International was to put an effective sales process in place that could maximize the efforts of the company’s small workforce. 
  • SkyPlanner performed an extensive analysis of Reduction International’s internal operations to fully map out the best course of action to take in order to replace the company previous business management software. It was determined that leveraging the Salesforce platform would allow for the quickest possible turnaround of the project from beginning to end. 
  • The newly implemented lead management process and custom analytics allows Reduction International to see their target market in a specific manner instead of in broad strokes, as was the case with the company’s previous system. This makes it much easier for Reduction International to pinpoint their most likely customers and concentrate their efforts on those potential clients.
  • SkyPlanner’s extension of to manage documents and attachments according to Reduction International’s preferences made for a more streamlined operation, which cut down on the time it takes for employees to close sales, assess inventory, and ship product to clients.
  • Heavy customization gives Reduction International the ability to configure certain aspects of their business process. These include choosing between different invoice templates or addresses from which to send emails depending on the client. 
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