Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SkyPlanner's revolutionary app, spFaces, brings the power of facial recognition to Salesforce.

spFaces is SkyPlanner's revolutionary entry for Dreamforce '13's Salesforce Hackathon. It is a Salesforce Hybrid application that brings the power of facial recognition to customers' processes and KPIs. spFaces allows an individual to capture an image with a mobile device and, based on the image’s geolocation and timestamp, associates the image with the nearest event, all within the Salesforce platform. The image is then analyzed through an image processing API and reveals statistics such as the number of individual faces, gender demographics, and mood based on characteristics like eyes and lips. Once the information is processed it is stored inside Salesforce. spFaces also groups and visualizes the events on a map, easily displaying their details and metrics with a single tap.

Having data in Salesforce derived from spFaces’s capabilities leaves the door open for analytics that can be used for training, user groups, lectures, expos or many other types of events. With spFaces one can analyze the effectiveness of an event based on the contentment of audience members, and use that to improve
subsequent events or sales opportunities.

spFaces is an invaluable tool for salespeople, marketers, event planners, and anyone else whose efforts revolve around large groups of people:For example: by combining the gender and mood detection, and geolocation we can determine, for example that every event prepared by Julio, our Marketing Manager, is a success in the West Coast and they are usually most well-received by women." Thanks to spFaces now Julio knows he needs to bring chocolate and his mobile to the next event.