Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SkyPlanner Success Spotlight: Green Star Biodiesel

In our newest blog series, SkyPlanner will showcase some of the successful projects that we've completed over the last few years. Today we highlight the work we did for Green Star Biodiesel. 

Green Star Biodiesel performs a great service for the South Florida community- the safe removal of waste vegetable oil (WVO) for restaurants and other businesses- but the company’s business process made it increasingly difficult to fulfill its oil pickup obligations. SkyPlanner streamlined GSB’s Salesforce platform to solve the company’s logistics problems so it could provide the best service possible to its clients. 

Green Star Biodiesel suffered from an inability to track their tank inventory throughout the region because the company didn’t have an automated process for invoicing and instead relied on an error-prone manual invoicing system. The company also lack of standardized document creation and lacked the ability to implement company business rules caused a lack of security in regards to sales data.

SkyPlanner adapted a standard CRM to better suit the sales activities of the company by creating an inventory module to track the placement of tanks and automated the generation of documents, agreements, contracts, and invoices with custom formatting and templates. SkyPlanner customized Apex code to allow for real-time bulk commission and residual calculations. Finally, SkyPlanner used a customized platform enhanced security of Green Star Biodiesel’s entire business system.

Green Star Biodiesel saw increased visibility due to a more efficient and standardized invoice and contract templates and more efficient operations such as specific oil pickup timelines that 0can now be tracked on Salesforce. The company also experienced increased satisfaction among sales staff due to better security regarding sales data. Standardized business documentation allows for a more efficient presentation of Green Star Biodiesel as a business.

  • Before reaching out to SkyPlanner, Green Star Biodiesel did not know how to properly implement their Salesforce application. GSB wanted to customize their platform to integrate their various services into information modules for easier use by employees. 
  • Green Star Biodiesel’s biggest need was to be able to track their tank and oil pickups throughout the South Florida area. SkyPlanner’s customization of GSB’s Salesforce platform allows the company to now perform both in an efficient and easy to access manner. 
  • Using Green Star Biodiesel’s existing business rules, SkyPlanner configured general defaults in the Salesforce platform’s security settings in order to limit individual sales peoples’ access to only their own sales data, instead of that of the entire sales staff. 
  • Customized Apex coding makes it easier for Green Star Biodiesel to track sales commissions and residuals.

Container Inventory Screen
Customizable Business Documents