Friday, November 1, 2013

SkyPlanner Success Spotlight: Alce Distributers

In our newest blog series, SkyPlanner will showcase some of the successful projects that we've completed over the last few years. Today we highlight the work we did for Alce Distributors. 

Alce Distributors needed to focus their logistics to make it easier to respond to changes in their internal documentation as well as respond to external factors that could affect their delivery chain. SkyPlanner was able to streamline Alce Distributor’s CRM platform for more efficient shipping. 

Alce Distributors suffered from a cluttered CRM application made it difficult to track individual aspects of the company’s delivery chain. There was no system for settling internal claims and that led to dissatisfied employees. Lastly, a lack of different levels of security regarding visibility meant that, all employees regardless of position within the company, had unrestricted access to client information.  

SkyPlanner implemented a custom Salesforce solution to make it easier to track shipments from beginning to end. We re-architected the existing application, including a Customer Portal, giving Alce Distributors the ability to offer the application as a service to third party agencies to minimize any incongruities in the shipping processes between Alce and other companies. We also carried out the migration of legacy data into the new system and enabled security measures to restrict access based on employee hierarchy. 

The modules SkyPlanner implemented within the platform made it easier for Alce Distributors employees to separate and analyze different aspects of the company’s door-to-door delivery chain. Employees and customers are now able to receive real-time notifications of any disruptions in the delivery of any package, regardless of size or destination. SkyPlanner greatly simplified the resolution process of internal claims by employees, sales agents or end-customers mean employee and customer satisfaction are at an all-time high. The new system allowed for accurate pricing for services regardless of sales location and shipping destination. 

  • SkyPlanner’s work for Alce Distributors was to implement a cloud platform to manage the company’s shipping channels to different countries in Latin America. The platform consists of different modules for customer management, stores, third-party agencies, waybills and manifests. Other sub-modules are responsible for tracking or answering queries concerning parcels, billing and reporting. 
  • SkyPlanner also established a door-to-door logistics mechanism that automated the delivery chain and can notify Alce Distributors whenever important events occur related to shipping documents, a single package or entire shipments of cargo. These events include, but are not limited to, customs re-evaluations or customer claims. 
  • SkyPlanner also implemented security measures which now limit what internal and external operations information certain employees can see depending on their clearance.
  • The platform also provides an efficient mechanism for internal claims from employees or third-party agents, and end-customers, through which issues are resolved in order of priority. 
  • SkyPlanner also created a custom module called Pricebooks, which allows for the desired setting of fees and services. 


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