Monday, November 25, 2013

It's SkyPlanner Parachute Monday! Our Dreamforce '13 recap, another SkyPlanner Success Spotlight, and more!

It's SkyPlanner Parachute Monday! Find out what we at SkyPlanner, South Florida's premier Salesforce consulting company, have been reading, watching, listening to, and learning from in the past week. Click on each link to view our curated content. 

The Dreamforce '13 experience is over but the memories will last a lifetime. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here's a lot of words for you to enjoy.  

Speaking of Dreamforce, SkyPlanner worked long hours on its entry, spFaces, for the Dreamforce '13 Hackathon. While we didn't win we are extremely proud of our efforts and the positive response to our app has us even more motivated to continue perfecting it. In case you haven't seen it, check out this video about spFaces and let us know what you think!

When it comes to selling, it's always easiest when you tell a story that makes the potential customer believe why they need what you're selling. This helpful article sheds some insight on how to be a better storyteller

Once they've reached the top of their industries, the most successful people may make it seem like it was a given that they'd be where they are. In reality success is a crooked street with many dead-ends, backtracking, and finding a new path. This well-made inforgraphic highlights the paths five successful entrepreneurs took to end up where they are now.  

Continuing with our blog series on SkyPlanner's most successful projects, aptly named SkyPlanner Success Spotlight, we present the work we did for The Elephant Group's Techzilla brand.  

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