Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Another SkyPlanner Parachute Monday! How Salesforce has changed lives, how to improve your company's self-service support, and much more!

It's SkyPlanner Parachute Monday! Find out what we at SkyPlanner, South Florida's premier Salesforce consulting company, have been reading, watching, listening to, and learning from in the past week. Click on each link to view our curated content. 

When you think of technologies that can change lives you might generally think of medical or rescue technologies. But technologies like cloud computing can also make an impact.

Dreamforce '13 is inching ever closer. Meeting, networking, and learning from experienced Salesforce Partners is a big part of getting the most out of the Dreamforce experience.

Helping others help themselves is always a good motto to follow in life. But did you know it's also a good way of doing business? Good self-service support is not only cost-effective but keeps customers happy and loyal.

Windows 8.1 is here. PC World has written out a good comprehensive guide to the upgrade.

If you own a business you will inevitably have to host or be a part of an event as a way of pushing your business forward. And to promote your event you'll need a solid social media strategy.

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