Friday, August 30, 2013

Leadership is like a business: it's not born out of nothing.

At SkyPlanner, Miami’s premier Salesforce consulting company, we are always striving to become industry leaders when it comes to helping client get the most out of their Salesforce implementations. The following post reflects on insights about becoming better leaders that we’ve come across as we continually strive for improvement.

“What makes a great leader,” with the keyword in that question being “makes.” That’s right. This post from SkyPlanner, Miami’s premier Salesforce consulting company, deals with leaders when they’re created by choice of the person because he or she wants to be a leader.

Hollywood would have us believe that becoming a leader requires a special person facing a great struggle such as Harry Potter staring down the tip of Voldemort’s wand. But the truth is anyone can become a great leader and they don’t need to be facing impending doom to do so. They just need to know what makes a great leader in the first place. According to Deepak Chopra, renowned physician and founder of the Chopra Foundation, great leaders can make people feel compelled to follow them by being sensitive to what those people need. According to Chopra, what people need usually falls within these categories:
Security – a leader must make his or her followers feel safe or at least optimistic that security is possible.
Success – People desire a sense of achievement but most aren’t able to do so on their own. A leader has to be able to motivate people to strive for success.

Cooperation – A leader must bring people together even in times where there is dissension in the ranks.

Nurturing – Not everyone in a group is going to feel at their best at all times. Leadership means making people feel good even when they’re at their worst.

Creativity – Since leaders are generally viewed as the strategists of a group, he or she must exhibit a sense of creativity or innovation.

Morality – Bottom line: a leader’s values greatly influences the values of everyone that follows him or her.
Dave Kerpen, best-selling author and CEO of Likeable Local, created the pyramid below to show how the above traits lead to a business that is well received by the masses.

While the prospect of being a leader can be daunting, SkyPlanner has determined that it is very do-able with work, and it is necessary if some wishes to be an entrepreneur. And we're here to help whoever wishes to take that step towards becoming a leader by providing our services to making his or her business as successful as possible.