Monday, July 8, 2013

Have you figured out Google + ?

So you finally figured out Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn, but Google+ still leaves you in the dark. So how do you get people to be more engaged with your Google+ page? Your Miami Salesforce consulting team did a little of social media research and found a great article from Social Media Examiner to assist you in becoming a Google+ pro.

First thing's first. Make your Google+ page easily findable which means you should add a Google+ Badge to your business' website. This badge can also work for a personal Google+ account. SkyPlanner Partners found out visitors can engage with you just by clicking the icon, just like they would do to reach your business Facebook page.

Make sure to network in a strategic way, using circles to manage the different interest groups so you can be part of the communities and conversations that are important for you and your business. You can create circles around themes like Social Media for example. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company reminds you about keyword searches so that you can find out relevant people and pages to add to those circles.

Like every social media platform, compelling content is crucial. Think images, videos and infographics to promote shareability. How-to-style pieces of information also do well on Google+ because not only are they shareable but they also include links to other resources.

Don't forget to use your hashtags to find related posts and join trending topics, just like you already do with Twitter. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company reminds you that commenting on other people's posts is a great tip to boost up your engagement on Google+. Use mentions and respond to users with questions to keep the conversation going. 

Looking forward to connecting with you on Google +.