Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Supercharge Your Sales With These Prospect Questions

Most if not all businesses rely on sales numbers. In the buying and selling dance, you need to be able to uncover a need, create urgency and get commitment. Sometimes we can lose our cool during a sales conversation, get excited or go off the script, but these sales tips can help you sell more effectively.

Ask about the decision process.
Your Miami Salesforce consulting company knows that sales reps have to truly be clear on how decisions are made at the prospect company. SkyPlanner Partners like to know who's involved from the very beginning, because not knowing might lead to a big waste of time. At the end, stakeholders, legal or other departments might have to be the ones to make the final decision. You want to talk to the right person right from the start, so look out for vague answers and aim for details.

Ask about business priorities for the year.
Your Miami Salesforce consulting team reminds you that you want to make sure the solutions you're offering align with the problems or concerns they have.
This helps with accountability as well, because when you fully understand what is asked of you, you can plan and implement a strategy that you can hold your client responsible for. They become part of the journey and the transaction is more of a partnership.

Ask if they're comfortable saying no.
People typically like to please other people, so you want to make sure your clients are comfortable to be honest and direct with you. If they currently don't have a budget or they're not interested in a custom solution you are offering, it's better to know that upfront. SkyPlanner Partners reminds you that you don't want to be avoided. You want to get a yes or a no as quickly as possible so you can move into your next endeavor and prospect clients.

Ask if they'll be your champion.
A sales rep doesn't want a coach or even a fan, they want a champion. You want someone that can get you the budget you need. A  champion doesn't have to be the ultimate decision-maker, but he or she has to be very influential. They need to be able to gather resources, talk to the right people on your behalf and trust you will do a good job. In other words, they're your ambassador.

So how do you close the deal?