Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stay Tuned For a 360 Degree Tour of SkyPlanner

Yesterday was such an exciting day at the Miami SkyPlanner office. We had Rodrigo Moreno from Business in 360 take photographs of every inch of our office so we can share a virtual tour with our clients. Rodrigo is a certified, trusted photographer with Google. 

Rodrigo's clients include The Collection in Coral Gables, Ricochet Bar and Lounge and LMNT Arts to name a few. Thanks to him, you'll get to see where your Miami Salesforce consulting team hangs out and codes all day. You'll see our conference room, our brainstorming area and where all the CRM and Salesforce customization magic happens.

Soon, when you search for SkyPlanner on Google, you'll be able to see panoramic images of our home away from home. The photoshoot didn't take too long. Even preparations weren't planned way before. We cleaned up here and there and showed up in our best button down shirts.

Stay tuned, we'll be posting our photos and you'll be able to virtually walk through our SkyPlanner office in Miami.