Monday, June 17, 2013

Forget Quarterly Reviews, Think Ongoing Feedback and Recognition with

The Salesforce platform has a number of innovative products that make the sales process easier and more streamlined. From the Sales Cloud to the Marketing Cloud, it's all about supercharging your sales and engaging your customers. But with, Salesforce was interested in cracking the human resource software market. 

These days, is being used by top companies such as Facebook,  LivingSocial and Virgin America. is a social performance management platform that uses gamification to improve employee performance. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned works in three different ways: It aligns personal goals with business goals, it motivates employees through public recognition and offers real-time feedback. Employees can look forward to receiving "thank you" and "good job" graphics as well as badges not to mention rewards like Amazon gift cards.

With, sales reps become players. Sales managers become sales coaches. And recognition is social. So everyone on board can learn what really closes the deal. allows employees and administrators to set goals, manage objectives, provide feedback, all within their social network. 

So, will you join LinkedIn, Spotify and 1-800 Flowers on the phenomenon?