Friday, June 7, 2013

Crazy Business Stats

So we all know the business landscape has changed.The internet, social media and everything in between has made turning profit into a whole other experience.Last week, Mitch Joel hosted a Salesforce Marketing Cloud webinar in which he revealed mind-blowing statistics about today's business world. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company is here to share some of his findings.

14.3 trillion webpages are live on the internet.
Can you say over-crowded? The internet keeps growing and competition is becoming more fierce. These days having a good SEO strategy, original content and online information that helps your customers is nothing spectacular, it's a given. That's why your Miami Salesforce consulting company is constantly engaging our clients and interacting with Salesforce user groups.It allows us to differentiate ourselves and become more of a customer company.

In 1999, 38 million people had broadband internet. Today 1.2 billion have it on their mobile phones.
Mobile is definitely on the rise with smartphones and mobile marketing. Businesses have to make sure their sites are mobile-friendly so customers can always have access to all of that great content and info, even on the go.

More people have a mobile subscription service than access to safe drinking water and electricity.
Sad, but true. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company know people have access to your brand 24/7. They no longer have to wait to be in front of a desktop computer to voice their opinion. They can walk into a store and if they don't like they're experience, they can tell everyone about it moments later via their phone.