Monday, June 24, 2013

All of SkyPlanner's Coding Efforts Include Mobile Integration

Mobile is definitely here to stay. People these days are using their smartphones to shop, watch videos, play games and more. Making phone calls doesn't prevail anymore. Projections say that in three years time, the number of U.S. users connecting to the internet through their PCs will shrink from 240 million to 225 million and mobile users with go up from 174 million to 265 million.

Your Miami Salesforce consulting company knows mobile is the future. In fact, all of SkyPlanner's applications are built to live and be used seamlessly on mobile. When it comes to cloud computing, mobile app development is a great area of business for both CRM developers and end-users. For one, there's no taking part in the continuous hardware upgrades or regular maintenance. Second, the cloud platform allows for safe scalability and doesn't overwhelm your data center.

A mobile experience also helps a business engage more customers, fitting right into the new social and gaming way to turn profit and communicate.Cloud-based platforms like Salesforce can help you optimize an application so it can be supported by various devices like tablets. That's why  all of your Miami Salesforce consulting company's coding efforts include mobile integration.

If your company is looking to gain advantage on the competition, getting mobile custom developed apps may be the answer. If your employees are on the go, and need to easily communicate with vendors and clients to increase their sales number, SkyPlanner can help by developing a mobile custom application 
such as a sales app or a contact management app. 

Check out AppExchange for a quick look at some of our apps.