Thursday, May 30, 2013

This Is How You Do Customer Service

These days, every company has to take customer service to the next level. It's not enough to respond in a timely manner or connect the person to another person in your department. In today's customer company world, you have to be fast, accurate and support. The SkyPlanner Salesforce consultants know know how crucial it is to have our clients gain confidence in our Salesforce provider business. 

Always be respectful. 
Even if you have to bite your tongue, even if the customer is wrong. There is always a way to be civil and explain things.If your customer is upset, the matter obviously means something to him or her. Be patient and take care of it. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company suggests you formulate an FAQ section on your website with the questions or complaints that come up frequently over the phone. 

If you make a mistake, own up to it. 
We're all human, so we all make mistakes. Your customer will respect you for admitting it. Fix it and move on. Show your customer how much you value their business and possibly give them an extra service free of charge or talk about the situation publicly, on your company's blog. This is a great gesture that shows your entire community that you take your business seriously. 

Have a relationship, not just revenue. 
See your customer's success as your end goal. You want them to be happy and you want to solve any problem they might have. Profits and rewards will follow. The customer has to feel you really care, that he or she doesn't just translate to the bottom line. If you help them do their business better, you'll make yours better.

How do you take customer service to the next level?