Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Leave An Awesome Voicemail

If sales is part of your business mix, just like SkyPlanner, then you probably face the leaving-a-message dread on a daily basis. Some people don't think they'll get a callback so they don't leave a voicemail. But if you target your message and make it part of your entire communication strategy that includes email and other...it might just be worth your time. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company reminds you though that your voicemail has to be clear, short and represent an added value to the other person.

Leave your company's name out of the intro 
John Barrows who has worked with Salesforce.com for over five years and has trained over 3000 sales reps says don't start your message with "Hi, this is so and so with ABC company." The problem with this approach the Miami Salesforce consultants learned is that the client might assume what the message is about, especially if they've heard your company's name in the past. They will most likely delete the voicemail without listening to it. Instead, state your first name and the reason for the call. The goal is to get them interested in what you have to say.

Make sure it's short
Your voicemail should be shorter than 30 seconds. Write out a script if that helps you stay focused and clear.

Voicemails are not for selling
Your Miami Salesforce consulting company is reminding you that your main objective is getting the other person's attention with your value statement. You just have to get them interested and start a conversation which you'll have over all the various communication channels.

Add some personality
Finally, be different. Most voicemails these days sound the same and the only thing that changes is who it's coming from. If you can find a way to stand out, you'll have more chances of connecting with the other person. You can try referencing research, use business-appropriate humor and joke, referencing a colleague or friend you have in common and so on.