Thursday, May 23, 2013

Get Them On Board With Your CRM System

Some CRM systems are more about the managers and accountants and less about the sales reps so it's harder to get them on board with it. They're more about sales accounting processes, tracking performance and estimating revenue, but might be lacking in the day-to-day operations of sales reps. The Miami Salesforce consulting company though is here to remind you though that the sales reps should be the intended primary users. They should be involved in the customization of CRM systems such as Salesforce so they can use it, enjoy it and simplify their sales activities.

At SkyPlanner, when we take on a project with a client, we make sure to involve a few of the sales reps. We are interested in knowing how they use or would use the system.Your Miami Salesforce consulting company have initial meetings to establish the sales reps' needs regarding various areas or activities like
managing their account or even research. If they already use Salesforce but haven't completely bought into it, SkyPlanner tries to find out where it's costing in time and loss of productivity.

It's important that sales reps know that your company's CRM system will benefit them in their sales journey. SkyPlanner reminds you to make sure they understand that the platform is there to make their lives easier and work more efficiently. Wehn taking on new clients, your Miami Salesforce consulting company is interesting in knowing what sales processes are working and not working for them, this helps us when we are customizing apps. It also gives a chance for the sales team to express their opinion and look forward to the changes.

If you need help with Salesforce apps customization, reach out to SkyPlanner at 305.814.7597