Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are You Part of the Salesforce Community?

From families to friendships and neighbors, communities have been with us since the beginning of time. But in the past several years, with the popularity of social media and small business pop ups as well as eating local, the sense of community has become stronger and more popular.

These days there are plenty of online communities across various age groups, interest and location. Everyone wants to feel connected, even in the world of business. Take for example your Miami Salesforce consulting company, we have a @SkyPlanner Twitter presence where we connect with people from around the world that share the same interest in Salesforce and CRM as us. We have our SkyPlanner blog which you're reading right now to engage some of our partners and potential new clients. We also have a Facebook community where we engage the community of people interested in cloud computing.

One of the biggest advantages working with the Salesforce platform is that it has a Salesforce community. Some are hosted by Salesforce such as Salesforce Answers while others are not. Through these Salesforce communities, customer communities and developer communities, you can connect with thousands
of people that are passionate about cloud computing and help you understand it better. Even Salesforce employees are in the conversation.

There's also the IdeaExchange community which allows customers to offer up advice on enhancements and even interact with Salesforce product managers.  There are Developer Force Boards hosted by Salesforce where you can get your questions answered.On the social side of things, you can get involved with #askforce and follow lists like Salesforce MVP on Twitter. On Google+, you can connect with Salesforce enthusiasts.

The Miami Salesforce consulting company are familiar with some of the nonprofit Salesforce community such as nonprofit user groups, Salesforce Foundation Youtube and Salesforce Success Answers. You can also join a User Group  to get in touch with a community of customers in your area. Best of all,it's all free.

How are you connected to the Salesforce community?