Thursday, May 30, 2013

This Is How You Do Customer Service

These days, every company has to take customer service to the next level. It's not enough to respond in a timely manner or connect the person to another person in your department. In today's customer company world, you have to be fast, accurate and support. The SkyPlanner Salesforce consultants know know how crucial it is to have our clients gain confidence in our Salesforce provider business. 

Always be respectful. 
Even if you have to bite your tongue, even if the customer is wrong. There is always a way to be civil and explain things.If your customer is upset, the matter obviously means something to him or her. Be patient and take care of it. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company suggests you formulate an FAQ section on your website with the questions or complaints that come up frequently over the phone. 

If you make a mistake, own up to it. 
We're all human, so we all make mistakes. Your customer will respect you for admitting it. Fix it and move on. Show your customer how much you value their business and possibly give them an extra service free of charge or talk about the situation publicly, on your company's blog. This is a great gesture that shows your entire community that you take your business seriously. 

Have a relationship, not just revenue. 
See your customer's success as your end goal. You want them to be happy and you want to solve any problem they might have. Profits and rewards will follow. The customer has to feel you really care, that he or she doesn't just translate to the bottom line. If you help them do their business better, you'll make yours better.

How do you take customer service to the next level?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Leave An Awesome Voicemail

If sales is part of your business mix, just like SkyPlanner, then you probably face the leaving-a-message dread on a daily basis. Some people don't think they'll get a callback so they don't leave a voicemail. But if you target your message and make it part of your entire communication strategy that includes email and might just be worth your time. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company reminds you though that your voicemail has to be clear, short and represent an added value to the other person.

Leave your company's name out of the intro 
John Barrows who has worked with for over five years and has trained over 3000 sales reps says don't start your message with "Hi, this is so and so with ABC company." The problem with this approach the Miami Salesforce consultants learned is that the client might assume what the message is about, especially if they've heard your company's name in the past. They will most likely delete the voicemail without listening to it. Instead, state your first name and the reason for the call. The goal is to get them interested in what you have to say.

Make sure it's short
Your voicemail should be shorter than 30 seconds. Write out a script if that helps you stay focused and clear.

Voicemails are not for selling
Your Miami Salesforce consulting company is reminding you that your main objective is getting the other person's attention with your value statement. You just have to get them interested and start a conversation which you'll have over all the various communication channels.

Add some personality
Finally, be different. Most voicemails these days sound the same and the only thing that changes is who it's coming from. If you can find a way to stand out, you'll have more chances of connecting with the other person. You can try referencing research, use business-appropriate humor and joke, referencing a colleague or friend you have in common and so on.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Get Them On Board With Your CRM System

Some CRM systems are more about the managers and accountants and less about the sales reps so it's harder to get them on board with it. They're more about sales accounting processes, tracking performance and estimating revenue, but might be lacking in the day-to-day operations of sales reps. The Miami Salesforce consulting company though is here to remind you though that the sales reps should be the intended primary users. They should be involved in the customization of CRM systems such as Salesforce so they can use it, enjoy it and simplify their sales activities.

At SkyPlanner, when we take on a project with a client, we make sure to involve a few of the sales reps. We are interested in knowing how they use or would use the system.Your Miami Salesforce consulting company have initial meetings to establish the sales reps' needs regarding various areas or activities like
managing their account or even research. If they already use Salesforce but haven't completely bought into it, SkyPlanner tries to find out where it's costing in time and loss of productivity.

It's important that sales reps know that your company's CRM system will benefit them in their sales journey. SkyPlanner reminds you to make sure they understand that the platform is there to make their lives easier and work more efficiently. Wehn taking on new clients, your Miami Salesforce consulting company is interesting in knowing what sales processes are working and not working for them, this helps us when we are customizing apps. It also gives a chance for the sales team to express their opinion and look forward to the changes.

If you need help with Salesforce apps customization, reach out to SkyPlanner at 305.814.7597

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Monday, We All Need a Little Inspiration

The weekend is over, for some too short, for others just enough time off. Regardless, Monday mornings can always be a little tough. Everyone is trying to shake off the relaxation of Saturday and Sunday and get in the right zone. At SkyPlanner offices, we like to open the week with some inspirational quotes, so we all 
share our favorites or the latest we've come across. It seems to give us enough downtime and ease us back into the week. So your Miami Salesforce consultants enjoy their coffee while discussing inspirational quotes from all areas of life. Some are business related, some are fitness related and some are completely random. 

Just last month, the Salesforce blog had shared some of their favorites regarding customer which made total sense since their latest campaign to become a customer company. Salesforce shared quotes from Henry Ford from the Ford Motor Company who says that it's not the employer who pays the wages, they just handle the money.It's the customer who pays the wages. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company also liked the customer-centric inspirational quote from Amazon's Jeff Bezos. He says "We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts. It's our job to make the customer experience a little better."

At today's Monday round up at the SkyPlanner office, we heard a bunch of fitness-related ones because some of us are trying to get healthier.We're all developers and spend an enormous amount behind our computers, so we really have to get moving. We heard "you don't have to go fast, you just have to go," "Strive for progress, not perfection,"  and Nike's"Yesterday you said tomorrow." Other SkyPlanner favorites include Jim Rohn's "If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary," and Richard Branson's un-pc "Screw it, let's do it!." 

For all entrepreuneurs out there, this can certainly help on a Monday morning: 
"A goal is a dream with a deadline," Napoleon Hill.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How Do You Get Your Team to Be Better Sales Reps?

As a sales manager, your job is to see that your sales representatives are becoming better sales people. Sure the bottom line is about revenue, but it's also about moving sales reps forward and learn the balancing act of sales. Ultimately, it equates more revenue. Your Miami Salesforce consultants are sure you've heard of KPIs, key performance indicatorsThose KPIs are kind of like sign posts that keep you going in the right direction, so there's progress.

SkyPlanner Partners know that lead response time is essential to sales success. This key performance indicator was even shown to have prospects equate a responsive company with a good company. A Harvard study even showed that sales reps who contacted leads within an hour were seven times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with a decision maker.

Rate of contact is another important KPI. Your Miami Salesforce consultants know that you need to keep outbound call volume high. A new study estimated that sales reps should be generating about 32 opportunities per 1,000 calls. We all know persistence is part of the secret recipe. A National Sales Executive Association survey fund that 48% of sales agents never followed up a second time. This is a big deal, because 10% of sales are a done deal only on the fourth time of contact. So make sure your sales reps are persistent.

Social media use is next on the KPI list. SkyPlanner Partners use all social media channels to interact and engage not only wiht our clients but also prospects.We are part of Salesforce user groups, we have Facebook accounts and answer CRM-related  questions on LinkedIn. We are part of a community and feel a part of it.

There are other KPIs such as marketing collateral use, click from follow-up emails and more. find out what works best for your managing style and encourage your sales reps to sell, sell, sell.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Where Sales Go Bad & How To Fix It

Being in the world of Salesforce and CRM, sales is a big part of what we do. It can be difficult at times, especially when trying to build a solid business partnership with your clients. You Miami Salesforce consulting company likes to be hands-on and fully integrate ourselves into our clients' businesses, so these relationships are crucial. The Salesforce platform does keep everything organized and in check.  We're able to keep track of our conversations and solutions offered to our clients.

But when it comes to sales, there's always room for improvement.There's also always room for the usual suspects even if you're a seasoned salesperson, especially in today's world where it's less about selling more about sharing. Take for example when you're first reaching out to potential prospects. If you're working out
of a list of names and numbers, then you probably haven't even earned the right to even reach out and introduce yourself. Make sure you know what the company does before you call. Understand their business so you know from which angle to approach them and offer the best solutions to fit their needs. Remember,
the call is about them, you have to be customer-centric. The more research you do before calling, the better. Another tip is to log onto the client's website while on the call, it will give you fast access to information you might need on the spot.

In sales, the deal is the gold. A verbal agreement is not enough to get excited about. Your Miami Salesforce consulting company reminds you to not count your chickens before they've hatched. Ignore verbal agreements and don't shout the good news before you actually have a signed agreement for set services and 
quote.You want to make sure that the one giving you the deal is the decision-maker.When you get a "yes" from your client, you want it to be "yes" to your price, terms and solutions.

Being ready with a defined agenda is crucial to good selling. When you make a sales call to a prospect client, your Miami Salesforce consulting company reminds you to be prepared. Have a focus and a statement in mind of how you're going to deliver your news. Think attention grabbers so that the person on the other line is interested enough to ask for more information. If there's a question you don't have an answer to, be honest about it and tell them you'll get back to them with more details. It's also an excuse to stretch the conversation. Don't forget to be human on the phone, conversational in tone, so you don't sound like you're reading a script. Being prepared doesn't mean you sound like an automated machine.

What are your best sales tips?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Not Business, It's Personal.

Sure you've heard the old "it's not personal, it's business." But as social media and online interaction grows, there's not denying that business is getting personal. These days, a huge number of companies know  who their customers are, what they look like and know personal details about their lives.Sharing is the new way of doing business. Even your Miami Salesforce consulting company gets personal by sharing what we are up to and by sharing our knowledge in Salesforce-related forums and user groups. Even our relationships with our clients and vendors have become more personal, which makes sense since most of us spend more time at the office than at home. Especially when you enjoy what you do.

So how does a company remain personal as it grows? How does it keep its customer service top-notch? At SkyPlanner, one way we do this is by using the CRM platform that we sell. Salesforce allows us to continuously keep track of our discussions with clients, so we are able to make future conversations more personal. As time goes by and relationships grow, we're even able to offer them services they haven't thought about. For your Miami Salesforec consultants, it goes beyond knowing someone's name.

Another way to remain personal when business grows, is to really interact and manage the social media platform, which Salesforce also makes easier thanks to its social revolution. The Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Chatter can really help. At SkyPlanner, we ave dedicated developers that regularly interact with people online. When someone asks a question on Twitter, your Miami Salesforce consulting company answers.

SkyPlanner's business are Salesforce services living in the cloud, there isn't a regular brick and mortar shop even though our cloud computing offices are in Doral, Florida. so it's important that we keep things personal across the various online channels and make sure our clients are happy.

How do you keep business personal? 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Why Create a Customer Community?

Your Miami Salesforce consulting company learned that this summer Salesforce is releasing its Salesforce Communities, powered by Salesforce Chatter. The goal for this seamless platform is to make social and mobile part of every community so that companies can hear from their customers at all times. 

Salesforce Communities looks to harness the natural power of communities to grow your business. Customers can explore articles plus FAQs and ask more questions of his own. In turn, companies can answer of ask their own contacts for answers, all on the same platform. It's truly a seamless platform to build great relationships.

So why would companies like SkyPlanner Partners be interested in Salesforce Communities? For one, our Miami Salesforce consultants can save time. By giving SkyPlanner customers access to our knowledge and other community members' knowledge, as well as partners know-how, then everyone has more access to resources and a much faster customer service.

Saving money is another great benefit to working within Salesforce Communities. Since everyone in the community is interacting with each other and getting answers, they're not contacting a call center and speaking to agents. The less customer service support needed, the less money spent.

All this interaction leads to better ideas and solutions which leads to better products and services. Which of course, turns into more sales. Better products also allow for better relationships and strengthens loyalty.

To summarize, when you're part of the Salesforce Communities, you're able to understand your customers better as well as their needs. This makes your company better at providing solutions and even anticipating your customers' next purchases.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are You Part of the Salesforce Community?

From families to friendships and neighbors, communities have been with us since the beginning of time. But in the past several years, with the popularity of social media and small business pop ups as well as eating local, the sense of community has become stronger and more popular.

These days there are plenty of online communities across various age groups, interest and location. Everyone wants to feel connected, even in the world of business. Take for example your Miami Salesforce consulting company, we have a @SkyPlanner Twitter presence where we connect with people from around the world that share the same interest in Salesforce and CRM as us. We have our SkyPlanner blog which you're reading right now to engage some of our partners and potential new clients. We also have a Facebook community where we engage the community of people interested in cloud computing.

One of the biggest advantages working with the Salesforce platform is that it has a Salesforce community. Some are hosted by Salesforce such as Salesforce Answers while others are not. Through these Salesforce communities, customer communities and developer communities, you can connect with thousands
of people that are passionate about cloud computing and help you understand it better. Even Salesforce employees are in the conversation.

There's also the IdeaExchange community which allows customers to offer up advice on enhancements and even interact with Salesforce product managers.  There are Developer Force Boards hosted by Salesforce where you can get your questions answered.On the social side of things, you can get involved with #askforce and follow lists like Salesforce MVP on Twitter. On Google+, you can connect with Salesforce enthusiasts.

The Miami Salesforce consulting company are familiar with some of the nonprofit Salesforce community such as nonprofit user groups, Salesforce Foundation Youtube and Salesforce Success Answers. You can also join a User Group  to get in touch with a community of customers in your area. Best of all,it's all free.

How are you connected to the Salesforce community?